Volunteer Voices

You’ll meet a lot of interesting people, maybe learn a few things you never thought you would. If you could try it out till you go to your first call, then you’ll be hooked after that. The experience itself speaks volumes. Once the initial rush is fulfilled, you chase that feeling for the rest of your lifeDan Messantonio, Battalion Chief
Harmonville has allowed me through their training opportunities to further my fire service area by obtaining even more accreditation and training opportunities such as conferences and other hands on training both in and out of state to help further my skills and become a better firefighter.Justin Coogan, Lieutenant
I’ve received a bunch of training for free! Everything from a national fire certification to rescue, to code enforcement all for free, which excels me in any career I’d like.Michael Sturm, Battalion Chief
You’ll never have another experience in your life quite like this—between the thrill of a call, the comradery, the happiness when completing a job, and the utter exhaustion after a long job—nothing compares to this.Hope Mitchell, Firefighter
Active Harmonville members have a proficient work ethic. They show up ready and eager to assist, no matter the task.Dan Staufenberg, Firefighter
I have benefitted from being able to accomplish tasks that I didn’t think I would ever get to do, like putting out a fire before it burned a building down, or helping take a person out of a car that couldn’t get out without our help. Plus, the fire service gives the sense of family that I believe everyone is looking for. Aaron Voegtli, Firefighter
Harmonville has always put the emphasis on putting the resident first.Scott Forsyth, Firefighter
It's a fun experience and it's a way to understand safety and to collaborate with different types of people.Jimmy Toth
The people that are there, want to be there, and want to fight fires and help their community.Kelsey Forsyth

We are Harmonville Fire Company and we are seeking standout volunteers.
Could YOU be one of them?