Volunteer Q & A

Q: Do I need to have prior experience or training?

A: No, no prior training or experience is needed. We will supply you with the training, gear, and equipment you will need if you volunteer with us as an emergency responder.

Q: “Will I be paid?”

A: While the word “volunteer” means you are not paid, your experience with us will be priceless! The skills you build as a volunteer can help you with your professional career in any field. Plus, you will receive a valuable education through free training, and our members receive all their gear for free too!

Q: What type of training is provided/available?

A: Firefighting and vehicle rescue are our key areas of focus. The unique range of structures in our area (row homes, mansions, businesses) paired with our close proximity to major travel routes, like the PA turnpike and Blue Route, means that we offer extensive and diverse training for operating specialty apparatus such as our heavy rescue. Thanks to a great relationship with our neighborhood towing companies, we train on a tow yard with junked-up vehicles on a monthly basis during our practice sessions.

Q: What makes Harmonville Fire Company unique?

A: Harmonville responds quickly to local emergencies with specialized equipment that we constantly train on to serve the community better. We are often called upon to assist surrounding communities with our heavy rescue truck, tower ladder truck and skilled, experienced firefighters. Neighboring fire companies know us for our stellar work ethic and our commitment to getting in and getting the job done. ,

Q: Can I still volunteer even though I’m not 18 yet? How?

A: You can still volunteer as a Junior firefighter! Our junior program starts at age 14, and our junior firefighters participate in all training sessions and respond to emergency calls in a supporting role.

Q: If I don’t want to fight fires, can I still help?

A: Certainly! We need volunteers for fire police positions and we’re looking for community members to join us with a strong desire to help as administrative volunteers. We especially appreciate those who can bring any professional skills or administrative experience to the table. If you’re interested in a non-emergency volunteer opportunity, please fill out our inquiry form on the Contact Us page.

Q: How do I sign up?

A: Please fill out our inquiry form on the Contact Us page so that your contact information can be shared with our recruitment community members and they can reach out and invite you to visit our station.

“I look forward to coming to work every day—it's an aggressive company. There’s always something new to learn and everybody brings something to the table.”
– Amanda Hoade

We are Harmonville Fire Company and we are seeking standout volunteers.
Could YOU be one of them?