Volunteer Opportunities


Are you the type to jump right into the action? Do you enjoy the thrill of extinguishing flames and saving lives? Join us as a volunteer firefighter, and you will have enough excitement to last a lifetime. All training and gear will be provided for free. 

Vehicle Rescue

We will train you to thrive in high-stress situations where mere seconds could be the difference between life and death. Our proximity to major roads like the Blue Route and the Turnpike requires a proactive and rapid ability to perform vehicle rescues. We live by our “Pride of the Pikes” motto and do what it takes to save lives.

Fire Police

To secure the safety of the public and of firefighters in an emergency situation, fire police are responsible for directing the flow of traffic and crowds. Bringing calm to a hectic situation as a fire police member is the perfect way to assist “on the scene” without having to be part of the rescue or firefighting effort. 

Junior Firefighter

If you’re itching for action, but too young to enter burning buildings, guess what? We offer a junior program starting at 14 years old and we need you! Junior firefighters provide important assistance on fire calls or at the fire company, handling gear, apparatus and the hose! You’ll gain real world experience so that, at 18, you can become an active adult firefighter. 

Administrative Volunteer

We need dedicated community members to bring their administrative skills to assist us with fundraising, acquiring grants, strategic planning, organizing community events, and paperwork. If you have a skill or interest you want to share, we need you!

I believe there is a job for anyone in the fire service, whether it is the first on the line staring down a fire, a junior helping with the tools or someone helping with paperwork. If you have always wanted to help, and give back to your community, the fire service is for you! Aaron Voegtli, Firefighter

We are Harmonville Fire Company and we are seeking standout volunteers.
Could YOU be one of them?