Make a difference in 2023. Volunteer with Harmonville Fire Company!

Eating healthier and getting in shape are tried and true New Year’s resolutions. But if you’re looking for something beneficial to you and your community, consider joining Harmonville Fire Company in 2023 as your New Year’s resolution.

For Harmonville Fire Company volunteers, gear and training are 100% free of charge. Becoming a volunteer can be a life-changing opportunity as you challenge yourself, meet great people and save lives.

“I have benefitted from being able to accomplish tasks that I didn’t think I would ever get to do, like putting out a fire before it burned a building down, or helping take a person out of a car that couldn’t get out without our help,” said volunteer firefighter Aaron Voegtli. “Plus, the fire service gives the sense of family that I believe everyone is looking for.”

Founded in 1924, Harmonville Fire Company has continuously strived to protect the citizens within the Plymouth Township community. YOU can be a part of that tradition, too!

Harmonville is looking for new volunteers in 2023 in the following roles:

  • Firefighter — Volunteers who want to jump into the action are encouraged to join as firefighters. There’s enough excitement to last a lifetime. All training and gear will be provided.
  • Vehicle Rescue — Volunteers are trained to thrive in high-stress situations where mere seconds could be the difference between life and death. Harmonville’s proximity to major roads like the Blue Route and the Turnpike requires volunteers who are proactive and are willing to learn how to perform rapid vehicle rescues. The Company lives by its “Pride of the Pikes” motto and is eager to help those involved in vehicle accidents.
  • Fire Police — To secure the safety of the public and the firefighters in emergency situations, fire police are responsible for directing the flow of traffic and crowds. Bringing calm to a hectic situation as a fire police member is the perfect way to assist “on the scene” without having to be part of the rescue or firefighting effort.
  • Junior Firefighter — Those who are itching for action, but too young to enter burning buildings, can join the junior program starting at the age of 14. Junior firefighters provide important assistance on fire calls and at the fire company, handling gear, apparatus and hoses. Young volunteers gain real world experience and at 18 can become adult firefighters. This experience looks great on job and college applications.
  • Administrative Volunteer — Dedicated community members are needed to bring their administrative skills to assist with fundraising, acquiring grants, strategic planning, organizing community events, and paperwork.

“Our volunteers benefit from making lifelong friendships and the feeling of knowing they are making a difference,” said Harmonville Chief John Hoffman. “If anyone is interested in helping their community, consider joining Harmonville as a volunteer in 2023.”

Visit to fill out an inquiry form to get started.

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